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    Effective, innovative, easy solutions

About Us


Omni Executive Pty Ltd began in 2012 as a Canberra based management consultancy working primarily for the Department of Defence. Since then, Omni Executive has grown rapidly into a medium sized company, expanding into the areas of Aerospace Development, Training and Security and specialist Professional Services supporting multiple agencies and select private sector organisations with dedicated facilities across Australia.

It is our people that are our strength. All Omni Executive employees hold a minimum security clearance and most maintain clearances at the top levels. Our clients benefit not only from the decades of service and commercial experience our people have had but also from our ability to adapt and understand our clients needs quickly and effectively.

We offer a unique ease-of-business approach along with a strong commitment to excellence. Our unique combination of public sector experience with private sector agility and cost-effectiveness allow us to create exceptional results for our clients and partners.


Founders of:

omni pathways

Omni Pathways is a not-for-profit organization founded and supported by the leadership team and staff of Omni Executive – a private Australian firm employing over 90% veterans.  Omni Pathways’ mission is simple – ‘To find meaningful employment for veterans’.  If you are a former uniformed member of the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Federal Police or a state or territory police force and are seeking employment, please contact Omni Pathways directly at http://www.omnipathways.org

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