• Effective, innovative, easy solutions

    Effective, innovative, easy solutions

About Us


  • Our core business is to provide niche security, intelligence and training solutions.

  • We work in partnership with our clients to deliver the outcomes they need.

  • Our strength is a highly skilled and diverse team that delivers global expertise to clients.

We provide high value, high trust national security and intelligence solutions to a wide range of Australian government and corporate clients. Our team of over 100 staff are highly experienced and many carry higher end security clearances.

Omni Executive was established in 2012 by former special forces senior officer, Jon Hawkins, as a management consultancy delivering niche strategic services to the Department of Defence.

Since then, we have rapidly expanded into aerospace development, training and security, and specialist professional services.

Our high calibre leadership team comprises experienced Australian, UK and US special operations and intelligence specialists, veterans, and former senior Australian Federal Police officers.

Omni Executive’s constantly growing team includes a wide range of professional skills including business consultants, network architects, aerospace, mechanical and software engineers, analysts, researchers and hostile environment trainers.


Founders of:

omni pathways

Omni Pathways is a not-for-profit organization founded and supported by the leadership team and staff of Omni Executive – a private Australian firm employing over 90% veterans.  Omni Pathways’ mission is simple – ‘To find meaningful employment for veterans’.  If you are a former uniformed member of the Australian Defence Force, the Australian Federal Police or a state or territory police force and are seeking employment, please contact Omni Pathways directly at http://www.omnipathways.org

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