Omni Executive is a leading Australian consulting firm which provides a range of professional services and solutions to the Australian Government and private sectors.  Our areas of expertise include Aerospace, Security, Vetting and Consulting.  We are defined by our values and our excellence in service delivery, innovation and efficiency.

The values of OMNI Executive are critical to the services that are provided and define us as an organisation. Our creative ideas and innovation ensure that we deliver a service to the highest levels. The values include:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Agility
  • Humility

Omni Aerospace maintains an experienced team of aircraft engineers, technicians, design and manufacture engineers and pilots. The team flies and maintains fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and create custom designed solutions for technical and aerospace projects.

The Maintenance teams provide Aircraft Maintenance per CASA legislation, regulations and licensing requirements.  The Engineering team are also able to design, manufacture, test, train, deliver and support technical solutions and project integrations.  The Flying team provide niche aerial support to a range of customers.

The helicopter avionics engineer will report to the Aerospace QLD – Manager Maintenance and Operations.  This role is based at the Helicopter maintenance facility in Caloundra.

This Position Description articulates the expectations of the role.  There will be opportunity to exercise initiative and to take on other duties as required.


The helicopter avionics engineer will:

  • Assist the Engineering team with major aircraft inspections, repairs, aircraft modifications, overhauls and trouble shooting
  • Communicate any abnormalities and ensure that all maintenance and defect rectification is carried out to the relevant design and quality standards
  • Carry out maintenance activities in accordance with approved company, manufacturer and Airworthiness Authority manuals
  • Effectively plan work activities in accordance with tasks and timeframes allocated by the Chief Engineer
  • Complete paperwork in an accurate and timely manner

The role will include:

  • Line maintenance of, but not limited to AS355/350 Bell 206L /206 Robinson R66/44 airframe types
  • Modification, upgrades and new avionic installs to existing airframe equipment
  • Remote area maintenance and travel will be required on an as needed basis
  • Maintain a safe working environment across quality, environment and safety to ensure the safety of all personnel and assets
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements and documented procedures
  • Apply for any exemption required by the COA and ensure compliance with any conditions which apply to any such exemption
  • Respond to CASA and/or other external auditor for any discrepancies found during surveillance
  • Promote the good health and safety of all team members in the workplace
  • Maintain a positive relationship with all members of Omni Executive
  • Act in the best interests of Omni Executive
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Essential Qualifications/Education/Training

  • Demonstrated knowledge of CAR 1988, CASR 1998 and CASA legislation requirements and Aviation Standards
  • Maintain technical trade qualifications as a helicopter avionics licensed aircraft maintenance engineer (B2 LAME)
  • The ability to hold and maintain an NV1 Security Clearance

Desirable Qualifications/Education/Training

  • Strong organisation and management skills
  • Three years’ experience in an aircraft maintenance discipline
  • Demonstrated excellence in delivering complex maintenance projects


  • Demonstrated ability to develop innovative design solutions specific to client requirements
  • Interpret Omni policies and ensure compliance with related legislation and standards
  • An effective communicator with negotiation skills to engage in a collaborative and productive way with internal staff and external stakeholders
  • Strong procurement background and ability to financially acquit invoices and accounts

Personal Qualities

  • Focused on achieving results
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to meet Omni Values