The Senior Assessing Officer is an important role and will be responsible for assisting the KVS management team lead KVS staff in achieving KVS Goals and Objectives. These Goals and Objectives are integrated into the Vetting Business Unit and ‘greater’ Omni strategic plan.

This role provides the General Manager (GM) – Vetting with assurance that KVS will continue to operate in an efficient and effective manner whilst striving to be the ‘best in business’. It is a junior leadership position within both KVS and Omni.

The Senior Assessing Officer is responsible to the Manager NV to assist with the achievement of all operational throughput of Baseline, NV1 and NV2 cases.

The Senior Assessing Officer is integral to the achievement of KVS KPIs through efficient and effective vetting operations and assisting with the enhancements to current process and procedures for vetting operations.

The Senior Assessing Officer is to assist with ensuring KVS is innovative, professional and agile enabling KVS to adjust to industry changes and technology enhancements.


For further enquiries email enquiries@keyvetting.com.au

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Essential Qualifications/Certifications

  • Certificate IV in Government Personnel Security
  • Hold and maintain a NV2 Clearance
  • Continued inclusion on the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) Specified Personnel list

Desirable Qualifications/Education/Training

  • Post-graduate qualification in a security, investigations, intelligence or HR field
  • Cert IV Trainer Assessor
  • Certification or training in systems and processes related to vetting and investigations


  • > 5 years experience within vetting industry
  • > 5 years experience with managing personnel and personnel performance
  • Strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Thorough understanding of related policy and regulation

Personal Qualities

  • Strong problem solving and analytical thinking skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Team orientated
  • Capable of effectively interacting with all stakeholders
  • Focused and results orientated, driven by excellence.