We design, build and assure security infrastructure


Omni security experts design, build and assure both physical and technical security infrastructure for wide-ranging environments.

Our unique turnkey solution provides our clients with safe, accredited and fully operational assets, which enables them to hit the ground running with the utmost confidence.

Omni understands the value of its clients’ personnel, property and information. Our specialist expertise is applied to design custom solutions for all requirements.

Physical security infrastructure (facilities)

  • Design safe speak areas and secure zones
  • Coordinate commercial security enhancements
  • Develop construction security plans
  • Project manage construction and renovations for secure facilities
  • Coordinate secure zone certification per Government requirements
  • Develop security procedures for industry and government
  • Secure facility management, assurance and maintenance
  • Facility support to Defence and Defence industry
  • Manage material handling and logistics
  • Coordinate personnel and supply chain

Technical security infrastructure (networks)

  • Integration of niche client networks to meet zone accreditation
  • Server room design to protect and sustain critical services
  • Integration of video teleconferencing rooms into secure infrastructure
  • Design and protection of networks from compromising emanations
  • Design of acoustic treatments to protect classified information
  • Preparation and delivery of architectural documents to assist with ICT accreditation
  • Integration of secure alarm systems on integral backbones
  • Risk Assessment and Reporting
  • Installation and Testing
  • Integration of disparate systems and networks

Our Commitment to Privacy

Our team is highly trusted by our government and corporate clients.

We understand the need for discretion and maintain a strong commitment to protecting the privacy of our valued clients.

To discuss your facility and infrastructure security requirements, please contact us.