Mitigating risk before it impacts your business


Omni offers a complete suite of risk and compliance capability designed to identify and manage threats and vulnerabilities that could impact our clients’ business, as well as support them to meet regulations and standards.

Omni delivers comprehensive risk assessments across all domains:
Physical, Personnel, Governance and ICT

Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

In addition to supporting our clients to meet their internal standards, Omni also provides specialist consulting services to clients who are seeking membership with the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP).

Omni has in-depth knowledge and experience with Defence’s governing documentation and being a long term DISP member (now at the highest level), Omni is well placed to assist others understanding the requirements of the program and assist them with the necessary security procedures and documentation.

The DISP reform commenced in April 2019 in an effort to improve the security of the Defence supply chain. Since this time, there has been increased responsibility placed on industry partners to meet Defence security standards. Omni has assisted a range of Defence industry participants including national universities, global audit and consulting firms as well as boutique legal and security vetting entities to attain, or re-attain, membership.

Omni offers specialist expertise in security policies and security management plans, security risk assessments, security registers, security training materials and insider threat awareness programs.

Our risk management experts provide practical advice and mitigation strategies so you can move forward with confidence.

Our Commitment to Privacy

Our team is highly trusted by our government and private sector clients.

We understand the need for discretion and maintain a strong commitment to protecting the privacy of our valued clients.

To discuss your risk and compliance requirements, please contact us.