Security Technology


Omni employs the latest technology to deliver security systems that protect your people, assets and information.

Customised audio-visual surveillance (and counter surveillance) technology can be fitted to vehicles, aircraft, drones, and stationary objects, whilst autonomous technology can be used to detect, deter and respond to wide-ranging threats.

Omni also offers unique integration and installation expertise, for clients who wish to upgrade or optimise existing technology.

Our integration expertise affords our clients:

Flexibility to select their preferred components from different suppliers to build their own bespoke system, with Omni ensuring all components are working in synchronicity; and

Efficiency to replace one component (or some) within a system, rather than replacing the whole system, with Omni ensuring the new replacement complements the existing components.

Contact Omni to discuss our technology products and how they can be applied to your business environment.

Our Commitment to Privacy


Our team is highly trusted by our government and corporate clients.

We understand the need for discretion and maintain a strong commitment to protecting the privacy of our valued clients.

To discuss your security technology requirements, please contact us.