Training courses designed to build resilience and mitigate risk


Omni Executive has trained thousands of public and private sector personnel on location and at our customised training facility.

We offer five unique training courses specifically designed to build resilience and mitigate risk. We can also develop and deliver custom training courses.




High Threat Environment

Experiential training through simulated exercises, designed to improve practical knowledge and skills to build confidence when operating in a high threat environment.

Advanced Driving

Instruction and practice in advanced driving skills on a range of vehicles, including defensive driving to increase survivability when faced with a threat, through to safe and secure off-road driving.

Situational Awareness

Enhancing individuals’ awareness of their surroundings and early recognition of threat indicators to enhance their capacity to mitigate risks when operating in hostile or dangerous areas.

De-escalation and Self-defence

Provides the skills to manage aggression or violence by minimising the likelihood and consequence of physical assault.

Open-Source Information and Analysis (OSINT)

Leveraging the vast streams of publicly available information to offer clear insights, assessments and advice to client requirements.

Custom-designed Training Courses

We can design and deliver a customised training course to meet the specific needs of your organisation. Contact us for more information.

Leadership and Team Building

Omni training courses include both theoretical and practical exercises which are designed to challenge participants and improve their knowledge, skills and confidence, whilst developing and advancing individual leadership qualities and building team cohesion.


Course delivery


Omni’s Training Facility

Omni’s training facility includes modern overnight accommodation and scenario rooms for instruction, experiential learning and team bonding. The facility is conveniently situated in the NSW Southern Highlands between Sydney and Canberra.

At Clients’ facilities (Nation-wide)

Our trainers can come to you and adapt the delivery of our packages to your environment, anywhere in Australia.