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Omni provides high-quality products and services that support Australia’s national interest.

We are an Australian owned company, that takes pride in providing our people opportunities to do meaningful work with a strong sense of purpose. For many, it is a chance to continue their service.

We take pride in our values, people and the long-term security and stability we offer.

Omni is committed to supporting local community groups, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander initiatives, Veterans’ organisations and environmental sustainability.


Omni is committed to the continuous development of a talented, diverse, and inclusive workforce and providing a safe and wellness-focused workplace for all. Our core values include: Respect, Trust, Agility, & Humility.

We believe in you and respect the skills and experiences that you bring. We also respect the responsibility that our clients have entrusted us with and act accordingly. Omni cares about results and we also care about you. We trust you to meet the work requests and expectations we ask of you.

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We are Hiring

  • Project Managers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Analysts (Intelligence / Vetting)
  • Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Pilots
  • Management Consultants
  • Corporate Services
  • ICT Professionals

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