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At its heart, Omni is about caring for the people and communities we serve. We recognise and reward our teams for the work they do and provide career and professional development opportunities in a wide range of areas as we support our clients across the Australian government and private sector. We take pride in our strong company culture and the long-term security and stability we offer our people. Our people appreciate the deep social impact Omni provides as we support local community groups, indigenous businesses and education, veterans’ groups and environmental sustainability.


Omni is committed to the continuous development of a talented, diverse, and inclusive workforce and providing a safe and wellness-focused workplace for all. Our core values include: Respect, Trust, Agility, & Humility.

We believe in you and respect the skills and experiences that you bring. We also respect the responsibility that our clients have entrusted us with and act accordingly. Omni cares about results and we also care about you. We trust you to meet the work requests and expectations we ask of you.


We are Hiring

  • Project Managers
  • Systems Engineers
  • Analysts (Intelligence / Vetting)
  • Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers
  • Pilots
  • Management Consultants
  • Corporate Services
  • ICT Professionals

And more…

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