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Our Capabilities

Omni is trusted, proven and dedicated to delivering solutions in the most complex and demanding environments.

In an increasingly complex global environment, individuals, businesses and governments face an ever-growing list of threats that generate traditional and nontraditional risks to people, assets, infrastructure, systems, and interests. Omni’s breadth of capability, proven experience and trusted approach helps to protect individuals, corporates, and governments from those threats.

We have proven experience operating in the most complex and challenging environments around the world. Our expertise is trusted to protect and defend critical assets and infrastructure, with a team dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes and service for our partners.



Omni works with the Defence industry to support the national interest. We work with our partners to deliver cost-effective and agile solutions across the land, air, maritime, space and cyber domains. Omni offers a range of professional services including covering all aspects of Defence capability lifecycle management.

Omni Delivers

  • Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) uplift – (Universities, Defence suppliers and more).
  • Secure facility builds (including Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF), project management, technical integration, and maintenance.
  • Design, delivery and maintenance of secure ICT systems.
  • Professional program and project management and delivery by appropriately cleared and experienced staff.


Our mission is to support the Australian Government’s national security sector across the five domains with the highest quality, customised solutions in support of the national interest. Our highly qualified teams bring extensive experience in Defence, Policing and Intelligence to our client service offering. Omni is one of Australia’s largest vetting firms, operating this service nationally to Government and private sector clients increasingly concerned about the security and integrity of their organisational resourcing.

Omni Delivers

  • Assurance
  • ISR Aerial Capability
  • Portable Network Cell for Emergency Response (PNCER)
  • Security Assessments
  • Secure facility builds
  • Law enforcement support


We work on sovereign critical infrastructure projects and with industry to help secure Australia’s resilience and ensure critical supplies. Omni has proven experience working nationally in oil and gas, energy, aviation and other sectors in support of Australia’s critical infrastructure.

Omni Delivers

  • Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, & UAV capabilities
  • Pipeline surveys, wellhead & power line inspections
  • Supply chain assurance reviews
  • Disaster management


Omni partners with a wide range of organisations to support local, national and global communities through direct support, quality partnerships and strong governance.