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New Year, New look Omni


New Year, New look Omni. As we enter our 10th year in 2022 and embark on the next decade of service, we will have a new look and feel. Our name has been refined to Omni, to reflect a simpler, clearer way to refer to ourselves. Our new logo represents the whole of Omni being stronger when all our parts work together as well as our dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes in complex, demanding environments and the growing requirements of Australia.

Our new nebulous shape serves as a reflection of our constant evolution, agility and growth. The different parts of the nebulous work both independently as separate colours, as well as together to form the whole, making a solid, single shape, just as Omni’s range of business capabilities link together to make one like-minded organisation.

Colour is an integral part of the Omni brand. The new Omni colour palette is bright and optimistic, reflecting the energy we deliver to our clients, yet grounded in strength and experience. Our traditional navy remains constant, a reminder of our foundations and depth. Our two new blues, a mid-blue and new vibrant sky blue, are more modern versions of the navy and reflect our work in sea, sky and space domains. Green is a new addition to our logo and represents both a nod to our background in land domains while emphasises our values of sustainability and community.

2022 marks a new beginning, for Omni and for all of us.