Omni Executive Pty Ltd, an Australian owned firm specialising in security and intelligence projects relating to the National Interest, has acquired Key Vetting Services (KVS). KVS provides security vetting and employment screening with representation across Australia and will add to Omni Executive’s suite of products to offer its government and select private industry clients. KVS will continue to operate under its own name and with the ongoing support of its key executives.

Jon Hawkins, CEO and founder of Omni Executive, said KVS not only brings new, high quality services that we can offer our clients, but is a good cultural fit with similar core values and a strong focus on quality. They have built an excellent reputation within their industry and we look forward to seeing the mutual benefits of working together.

Lyn Lane, Managing Director and founder of KVS said KVS is very pleased to undertake this new phase with Omni Executive. We see this as an opportunity to continue our growth in both the public and private sectors across Australia with our similar clients, values and approach to business.